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6 Photos to Inspire You To Visit Toronto’s Graffiti Alley

Located in the Fashion District of the city beginning at 1 Rush Lane, Toronto’s Graffiti Alley offers a kilometer’s worth of wall space. The colors are bold, drastic and dramatic, and each mural has its own feel and design. Make sure to pack your camera because there are endless of great photo opportunities here whether it is you need a location for a photo shoot or you just need a new Instagram profile picture. Toronto’s Graffiti Alley has not only become a popular tourist destination but also popular within the locals due to popular television personality and comedian Rick Mercer often filming his show here.

Here are 6 Photos to Inspire you to visit Toronto’s graffiti alley:



Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Tamara Elliott


    This is one of my favourite spots in Toronto- such a hidden gem! You really have to know to look for it, otherwise it would be super easy to walk right by.

  • Brianna


    I adore street art! Do these murals change or are they permanent?

  • Mindi Hirsch


    I've been to Toronto a few times but I didn't know about the graffiti alley. You're right though. Now I'm totally inspired to check it out the next time I'm in town.

  • sherianne


    I haven't been to Toronto yet but it's on my list and I always spend a morning searching out great street art when I travel. Pinning for the future!

  • Mel | The a Wandering Darlings


    How cool is this alleyway!! Such great traffic and can imagine it's soo good for Instagram! Defo makes me want to head to Toronto

  • Paige W


    Great post! I love Street Art and I keep seeing more and more posts on it pop up, but I haven't seen anything about graffiti alley! so cool!

  • Archana Singh


    I love Graffities and by the look of your pictures, Toronto seems to be just the right kind of place for that. I have not been there but would love to go.

  • Carolina Esguerra


    It's like Melbourne's 15 alleys that have graffiti all over. But at least this is called correctly...a Graffiti Alley, not street art!

  • Peter Korchnak


    I love exploring street art in every city I visit. I'd imagine Toronto would be awesome for graffiti. I did expect to see more pictorial work rather than just elaborate lettering/tags in this alley, hmm.

  • Carmelatte


    I love the aestetics of your pictures <3 such a cool city shot! Carmelatte

  • Elaine J Masters


    I'd love to stroll that alley. Wouldn't be as keen about all the costume changes (or bringing them in my luggage.) Great shots though.

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