Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa – Secluded Paradise in the South of Maldives

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa – Secluded Paradise in the South of Maldives

What You Need To Know About Maldives 

Unlike many other places on the planet and one of the things that makes the Maldives extraordinary unique is that each hotel is located on a private island of itself. In order to understand this concept, we need to realize that this island country is composed of a chain of 26 coral atolls each of which is made up of hundreds of different islands all dispersed through roughly 90,000 square kilometers making it one of the world’s most dispersed countries! These hundreds of islands are miniature islands, most of which are inhabited and left untouched. For this reason, each island can only “host” one hotel and also one of the reasons why most hotels have water bungalows. This is why planning a trip to the Maldives is extremely different than planning a trip to most other tropical destinations, and why it’s crucial for you to do lots of research to choose the right hotel since you will be spending all of your time there. This means you will sleep, eat and do all of your actives in the hotel. In the Maldives, you can not simply leave the island and go somewhere for lunch or explore a different beach (Unless you are staying in the capital, Male ). This means that essentially the hotel that you choose to stay in will define your whole Maldives experience.

Location & How to Get To Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa 


Located in the South of Maldives, your journey to Park Hyatt is part of your island adventure. In order to reach this secluded island paradise, you need to take a domestic flight from Male into a local island. From there the team will escort you to the port to take a 30 minute boat ride to the property. Though it might be a lengthy journey, all the transfers from the moment you land in Male are coordinated by the team, and they take care of everything for you.

Our Villa

We were welcomed into one of their Beach Villas with Private Pool. At about 2,000 sq ft, this beach front villa offers a spacious bedroom and bathroom with a his and her closet, and an outdoor oasis with outdoor shower and free standing tub.  I highly recommend to use the outdoor bathroom and enjoy some fresh air while you shower, but in case its windy or rainy, you also have an indoor shower – which is great to have the option as you never know when you can get some rain in paradise.

Though overwater bungalows usually steal the show in Maldives, I have to say we loved and enjoyed this beautiful beach villa. It offered a lot of light, and great views of the beach with a beautiful outdoor area with an infinity pool, sundeck and lounge area. This specific villa is Villa 1 which offers a great uninterrupted view of the ocean, and as soon as we arrived I saw it and requested this specific room. Other rooms offer a lot more privacy as they are covered by lush vegetation, as Villa 1 has the view of the arrival jetty, but we didn’t mind it and preferred the ocean views. 

Amenities & Dining 

Built around the natural and wild vegetation in the island and prioritizing its preservation and conversation,  Park Hyatt Hadahaa feels like an untouched and pristine island paradise. Even the rooms and facilities are built around the natural vegetation , and thats why all the villas have different “layouts” and designs, because they were built around the nature rather than to meet a symmetric aesthetic design.

Another thing that we really enjoyed and appreciated in the island is that they kept the beach uninterrupted, meaning that no rock barriers were built around the main beach or in front of the villas in order to “protect the beach from the tide” instead they allow nature to run its natural course – meaning that the beach shifts with the tide through out the day and the seasons.  Definitely one of the “wildest” untouched island vibes I’ve experienced in the Maldives and one of the best “amenities.”

The same is to say about the reef, as the resort is located in the South of Maldives, you have some of the best reefs to snorkel right in front of the villas (without needing to take a boat). The reef is beautiful and we even saw two reef sharks! 

The wild palm trees all around the island give it such incredible raw vibes 🌴

As the island is very small all the amenities are very close to each other. The spa, gym, dinning venues, and the main beach are all by the main pool which is definitely the main feature in the property.

I love how the main pool is surrounded by the wildest palm trees. Definitely the most lively place in the resort to hang out, and where my favorite corner in the island is – The Bar. At The Bar you can enjoy lunch or an early dinner right by the pool in a lounge like environment so it is very casual. They have the best Nasi Goreng there, which yes I did have it every day for lunch haha.  The main dinning restaurant is also right across and this is where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they have a great variety of vegetarian options. Close by is also the Island Grill where they serve dinner buffets, and we had the yummiest casava curry! 



Disclaimer: Though this post is in partnership with Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa as always, all opinions are my own.


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