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EAST Miami: Asian Inspired Design, Sustainability & Luxury

Perfectly situated right in the heart of Brickell, EAST Miami is a modern and luxurious property that is perfect for those who want to be in the heart of it all yet also enjoy the “Miami” experience. Whether you are in Miami for business or come on a short weekend trip, this property is guaranteed to keep you busy – and busy also includes relaxing by the pool.

Check in & Lobby

As you walk into the lobby the first thing that you will notice is how spacious, warm and inviting the space is. With its simple yet unique and detailed design, there is nothing obstructing the entrance and though there isn’t much furniture and the space is ample, it does not feel empty at all. There is a reason for this. In fact, there is a reason for every single detail and aspect in this hotel. Prior to opening, EAST Miami was even blessed by monks!

The Suite

We were welcomed into a Two Bed Room residence. Accessed by a separate elevator in the lobby, the residences in EAST Miami offer the perfect suites highly recommended for families. At almost 1,500 sq ft, the suite has a full kitchen, spacious and welcoming living area, dining area for 6+, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies, all wrapped around beautiful city views of Brickell.

The glass to floor ceilings allows for you to not only soak in the views but also for natural light all through out the unit. 

The spacious master suite has a king bed, walking closet and a gorgeous bathroom with a beautiful bathtub overlooking Brickell. 

And a wrap around balcony offering city views and a view of the pool.

The second bedroom has two twin beds and a full bathroom.

Pool & Amenities

The property has 4 pools of different shapes and sizes, all on the fifth floor and next to each other. The design and surroundings are what really makes the pools so unique. Though you are surrounded by buildings and the beautiful architectural roof that connects to the mall, the pool has been designed incorporating lots of greenery. 

BEAST (Body by EAST) is their full-service gym that is open 24/7. Equipped with brand new equipment and bigger than your average hotel gym, it is perfect for all gym lovers.


Next to the pool you can find the main restaurant, Quinto La Huella. This Uruguayan inspired restaurant is where you will find the daily breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner options as well as brunch on the weekends and is family friendly. The design and ambiance makes you feel like you are in the heart of South America in a traditional restaurant.

They have many outdoor and indoor sitting areas but they are all beautifully decorated.

Just take a look at the details.

The restaurant offers a fair amount of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. However, we found the breakfast menu to be more vegan-friendly than the continental breakfast buffet. They also do not offer a kids menu but are able to prepare some items upon request.

In contrast to Quinto, Sugar their rooftop bar in the 40th floor is one of Miami’s best bars. Offering sweeping views, a beautiful Asian-inspired ambiance that transports you to Bali, and fantastic food -with delicious vegan and vegetarian options- in a romantic setting, Sugar quickly became one of our favorite spots in Miami. Their Mushroom rolls, spring rolls, and edamame are highly recommended even if you are not a vegetarian you must try them. Not to mention that the service here was outstanding, Ku with her bubbly and contagious personality took care of us and made us feel welcomed. This bar is Adults only, so make sure to book a babysitter ahead of time if you have a little one.


Connected to a mall, right in the center of Brickell, this property is walking distance to anything you might need such as restaurants, bars, offices, shopping, pharmacies, grocery stores etc. You are even just a 6-minute walk away from Biscayne Bay and 6 miles to South Beach. And the best part is that Brickell is also not too far away from the airport, so you won’t have a long commute.

Sustainability & Design

Don’t be fooled by the fact that EAST Miami is located in the heart of Brickell in a city location, this property is definitely not your typical city hotel. This Swire Hotel, the first of its kind in the United States, has been meticulously designed to highlight its Eastern roots throughout the property even through the little details.  Everything is there for a reason, has been blessed by monks, Feng Shui approved and has been made in an environmentally responsible and conscious way. To such extent that even the trees that once called that land home, where relocated instead of just brought down costing them millions of dollars for this relocation. The roof that connects the mall and the hotel along with Swire’s other connecting buildings has been specifically designed under the practice of “collect & re-use.” The roof collects rainwater which it later uses for landscaping treatments.  Talk about a blend of design, technology, and efficiency!

Disclaimer: Though this post is in partnership with EAST Miami, as always, all opinions are my own.

Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Danik


    OK, you got me, I so want to stay here or even live here. This looks like paradise!

  • Kim-Ling Richardson


    I just love the stylish design of this hotel! It is so cool that it was blessed by monks too. The suites look so spacious and luxurious. I also really like how they spent the extra money to relocate the trees that were there when the built it. It's definitely somewhere I'd stay when we visit Miami.

  • Mei


    Wow! That hotel looks truly awesome! We saw it from afar when we drove through Miami last year. We should have stopped by there. haha...

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman


    So opulent. I kept hearing Cheech and Chong saying East Miami, but that sound bite was completely incongruous with the luxury of this property. I love their use of natural light and four pools on the property. Hopefully they are somewhat relegated so the adults could have a quiet and subdued pool experience in at least one of them.

  • Lois Alter Mark


    I'm packed and ready to go! That hotel is stunning, and I could happily move in for a month or two.

  • Reshma


    Wow! Such a stunning place. East Miami is probably a great place for a hotel that looks so extravagant despite its minimal aesthetics and design. I loved the beautiful pool and the restaurant area. Surely a wonderful place for a relaxed holiday!

  • Rosemary


    Love the concept of the hotel with the Eastern roots. Incredible that the trees were relocated. I travel to Miami often and will certainly check out the Swire hotel. Your pictures are amazing and make me want to be there, this very moment. Great review!

    1. Claudia


      Thank you so much Rosemary! I appreciate your comment! I hope you consider this property for your next visit

  • Mia


    Wow, what a stunning place! There's so much space and it's so modern and clean. I would love to spend a weekend here with my hubby. I love that it has a balcony, large dining table, and full kitchen. We usually do vacation rentals so this would be perfect when we want the same feel of an apartment but we want a bit more luxury.

  • Rachel Elizabeth


    I love the sleek and modern design of this hotel! I've never been to Miami, but I'll definitely keep this accommodation in mind! Thanks!

  • Ryazan


    WOW!! This property looks so stunning. I love the style and the elegance of it. I bet you really had a lovely time. Well jealous! :-)

  • Chrysoula


    East Miami looks like the perfect place to stay, great location, spacious apartments and fantastic decor. I love the view from the bathroom. I can soak in this bathtub for hours. Another thing I like is the sustainable practices the hotel uses. Very impressive

  • Victoria


    Wow! This place is so sleek and modern! That art installation in the library reminds me of a bamboo forest! Love the rooms and how modern the wood is.

    1. Claudia


      Oh yesss good eye! Who knows, maybe that was their inspiration?

  • Megan Indoe


    Whoa you had me with the cover photo of the pool! Actually, every photo of this place is absolutely incredible. I know where we will be spending our time in Miami, no where else but East Miami!

    1. Claudia


      Yey! I am glad to hear that. It surely is an amazing property

  • Paige W


    This looks absolutely stunning! It's so elegantly designed. It looks like a pretty snazzy place to stay! I'll have to keep this in mind the next time I'm in Miami!

  • Laura Nalin


    This property looks so clean, polished and chilled out. I love how you've highlighed the eco-friendly aspects of this place and looked great while doing so! Your little family is too cute and your boy is so fortunate to have all these experiences in his young age. I've actually never been to Miami, but this is one place I wouldn't mind staying!

    1. Claudia


      Thank you so much Laura for your kind words. There is nothing I like the most than a hotel that can manage to blend luxury and sustainability together. And hope you come visit Miami!

  • Anne-Sophie


    Wow, this hotel looks AMAZING! I am so jealous. I love hotels with a clean, modern design. That swimming pool looks sooo nice!

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