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Best Hotels in Lake Como, Italy: Our Experience in Grand Hotel Tremezzo

During our recent visit to Milan, we decided to take a spontaneous day trip to Lake Como. I am sure you guys know by now that I cant say no to places like this. Cities are great and all but nothing can beat a good beach, a beautiful lake, or the mountains. So when the opportunity came to visit Como, we did not think about it twice, especially when it was just a 2 hour drive away.

This spectacular lake, nested between many beautiful mountains, is the third largest lake in Italy and at 400meters (1300 feet) it is also one the deepest lakes in Europe. Due to its proximity to Milan, it is also a very popular tourist destination, and where many celebrities including George Clooney and Madonna have bought vacation homes.

If you are looking for a place to getaway for the weekend, whether as a romantic weekend getaway or shot family vacation, Lake Como is definitely the right place, especially if you live in Europe.

With not much time to spare, we decided to visit one of the best properties on the lake, Grand Hotel Tremezzo. As soon as you walk in to this 5 star property you are overwhelmed by italian charm and outstanding views of the lake.

We enjoyed a great meal in the main restaurant directly across the lake, admiring the view and their floating pool right on the lake. As tempting as the floating pool sounded, we were charmed away by their garden pool.  Just take a look…

Surrounded by magnificent mountains, a beautiful lake and an enchanting Italian garden, I can safely say this is easily one of my favorite pools.

Every moment we experienced in this hotel was amazing, from the food, to the service, to the amenities. We did not get a chance to actually stay in the hotel, but even so, I would still highly recommend this property because of the extraordinary experience that we had. We hesitated to leave but another great property awaited us.  Hopefully next time we get to spend more time in this amazing property and look forward t0 come back.

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  • Victoria


    I have never been to Lake Como but have come so close! It looks like a dream and that pool is fantastic. Even if you didn't stay there it is still worth the visit :)

  • Samantha


    Oh the hotel sounds lovely! Lake Comk always reminds me of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and their "All of Me" video. It seems so full of romance and beauty! I wouldn't say no to a day trip there either.

  • Jas from My Suitcase Journeys


    I' m a big city girl but I can't say no to beautiful lake and mountains either! This looks like such a gorgeous place. I feel like every time I read your blog, my bucket list just keeps better bigger and bigger!

  • Priya


    We loved our day trip to Como from Milan, can't say no to those beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. We were there in November so it was a little chilly and many of the properties were closed.

  • Agness


    Stunning pictures! Your post inspired me to add lake Como to my bucket list!

  • Megan Indoe


    I have always wanted to go to Lake Como! It's such a breathtaking place and looks straight out of a postcard. When we make it back to Italy this is a MUST! I want to stay at this hotel too, what a view! I love that off the shoulder top too!

  • Fiona Maclean


    I love the Italian Lakes - though I know Lake Garda (and little sister Lake Ledro) best. This hotel looks splendid

    1. Claudia


      Italian has so many hidden gems, I dont think you can ever be done exploring!

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