Jade Mountain Resort: A Honeymooners Dream in the Gem of the Caribbean

Jade Mountain Resort: A Honeymooners Dream in the Gem of the Caribbean

Jade Mountain Resort

Location and How To Get to Jade Mountain

Truly one of the worlds hidden and lesser known gems, the island of  St Lucia in the Caribbean is definitely deserving to be at the very top of your bucket list along with destinations such as Maldives and Bora Bora. The gorgeous boutique property, Jade Mountain is not only located in this gorgeous island but in one of the absolute best locations in the island and the world for that matter- overlooking the incredible and iconic Pitons. These incredibly beautiful mountains are what made me fall in love with the island over 8 years ago.

There are two airports in St Lucia, the main one UVF offers international direct flights from Miami, Toronto, London, Atlanta among others. The property is located about an hour drive from the airport, or alternatively you can transfer by helicopter in just under 10 minutes. In our case, we landed in UVF and spent the first night at Sugar Beach. From there we took a 10 minute boat ride by water taxi to the property (it was such a scenic, smooth and beautiful ride). Once we arrived to the pier at Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountains sister property, we took a shuttle to the property and straight to check in in our beautiful room.

Our Sanctuary

In Jade Mountain, the rooms are referred to as Sanctuaries rather than rooms, suites or villas and it’s for a good reason- one that you will understand the moment you walk in to the room. They are truly designed to be your own little oasis – your own sanctuary in paradise. With only 29 sanctuaries in the property, each is uniquely and distinctly designed so each guest has a one of kind experience. Ours, a Moon Sanctuary, ranging from 1,600-2000 sq ft was incredibly beautiful complete with a magical view of the iconic pitons , an infinity pool, sun beds, dinning area and bathtub. Yes, you do have your own table to dine in your room because in Jade Mountain, they encourage you to enjoy your meals in the privacy and comfort of your own sanctuary. In fact, most of the experience in the property seems to revolve around really experiencing your sanctuary.

Something to note is that the whole property follows an open air concept meaning that there is no ac and all of the exterior walls are “open concept” with no screens or shutters of any kind, even in the rooms. Contrary to what we believed, the property was not hot and we did not have any problems with insects through out all of the property. It was very breezy during the stay and overall the perfect temperature during the day and night. However, we did notice that there are no covered areas in the main property for when the wind or rain gets stronger. We experienced some lightly strong winds and rain that made it slightly to cold to take a shower (as the whole room is open , there aren’t any walls or barriers in the bathroom either). So I found myself skipping a shower all together on one of the days as the wind made it unpleasant. And with the rain and colder wind, we were unable to enjoy the pool in our room since the pool is not heated as the water was too cold. 

At night the view from your room reaches a level of beauty that is just unexplainable and overwhelmingly beautiful. As you lay in bed with the gentle breeze, the sky gets covered in stars and you can see and feel the presence of the sleeping Pitons. It’s truly magical! Being that the room is open air and you are on a hill (so the pitons are right at your eye level), it makes it even more exhilarating and thrilling. The first night I stayed up for hours in complete disbelief and awe of the view and experience.I couldn’t get myself to stop starring and just soaking all the view in. I truly cant decide if I like the view better during the day or night, they are both equally beautiful.


As Jade Mountain shares the same location (they are next to each other) and ownership as Anse Chastanet resort, as a guest of Jade you have access to the facilities and amenities of the later which has access to two beaches, water sports, and dinning options on the beach. Commuting to and from both properties is something that can be arranged by your Major Doumo and is easily arranged, however, it can be a lengthy wait at times and the road is quite bumpy so make sure to plan accordingly and arrange your transfers at least 15 minute prior and make sure you are not leaving any of your wanted belongings behind so you dont have to keep coming up and down. 

As mentioned, there are two accessible beaches on the property. The first one directly on Anse Chastanet is the main beach where you have the a main dining outlet as well as sun beds, access to water sports and access to water taxis. If you arrive by water taxi , like us who transferred from Sugar Beach, this is where you will arrive. The second beach, Anse Mamin is the smallest of the two but the one we preferred because it was more private and more peaceful. And the best part, they have a great burger restaurant (yes they have veggie burgers too!). To reach this beach you have two options, to take a shuttle to the main beach and then take a water taxi or take a shuttle to the main beach and then walk for about 7-10 minutes on the trail to the beach. It is a very easy walk on an unpaved straight road right by the water.

The property itself was designed to be very boutique and exclusive . With that said, due to the design and concept itself there aren’t many amenities within close reach of your room. On the main building ( or structure) you have all of the rooms, followed by a main dinning area where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served daily and on the upper level the Celestial Lounge, a beautiful lounge in the terrace with the best panoramic view in the property. I highly recommend you schedule to watch sunset every day on the terrace because the views are just incredible and so romantic. And yes, every day, no exceptions 🙂

With over 2000 Cocoa trees through out the property, Jade Mountain has its own Chocolate lab where they make their own chocolates! And for the more adventurous ones, the property can arrange for you to hike the Gros Piton (the highest of the two but the most manageable climb – not recommend for young children or elderly) or do zip lining !


On the main property itself there are only two main dining options – the main restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner or dinning in your sanctuary – which by the way, is much more than simply room service – they have daily dinner menus with elaborate and delicious options for you to enjoy a restaurant worthy meal in your sanctuary (make sure to order the banana bread! It is so good!). There are additional dinning options in Anse Chanstanet that as a guest of Jade you are allowed to experience such as the Treehouse restaurant , Trou au Diable restaurant on the beach , Piti Piton Lounge  (all vegetarian/vegan offerings) and the Jungle Bar and Grill on Anse Mamin beach.

Disclaimer: Though this post is in partnership with Jade Mountain, as always, all opinions are my own.


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