Satva Living: Authentic, Bold & Conscious

With a deep passion and dedication to its believe in building a holistic, ethical and harmonies ecosystem while offering high quality clothing made of sustainable cotton, the athletic and yoga lifestyle brand Satva Living was born. Offering everything from basics to its signature bold and authentic pieces, its wide collection offers something for everyone and every style without having to compromise the environment, the people or their mission. Staying firm in its believes and principles, everything from the design, to the materials, and labor is positioned with its beliefs. They  believe in an eco system where customers can be fully satisfied, workers get paid fair wages, the environment is not harmed and help support local communities.

All of their products are also free from chemicals such as bleaches, toxic waves, sulfur and heavy metals all which are commonly used in clothing production. Instead only non-toxic plant based dyes are used. They also utilize an all-natural approach to organic cultivation, which allows nature to take its own natural course instead of using pesticides and fertilizers. This system allows for better quality and higher yields for farmers. 

Satva Living is one of the few high quality brands with high quality standards that offers fashionable or statement pieces. When it comes to eco friendly or sustainable brands its very common for them only to cary a basic collection, and very few offer stylish and unique pieces. But when it comes to Satva, even their basic collection are not so basic and have nice touches.

Patterns, bold colors, and unique styles is what defines the Satva Living style and what makes its designs to be one of a kind.

The Kala Cami in Purple and the Tashi Legging in Black make for the perfect eye catching, stylish and comfy gym/yoga outfit.

One of my favorite pieces is my Divine Kimono in Scratch print. It was one of the first items I packed for my Costa Rica trip as its so versatile. I wore it as a cover up on top of my swimwear, as a wrap after some stretching next to the pool and even wore it with jeans on a windy night out.

I found that most of their items run true to size (Small for me for tops, leggings and shorts). The Janu Jogger was the only one that had more of a oversized fit , and would suggest to size down.

And just when you thought this brand could not possibly offer anything more, a portion of all proceeds is invested back into the local communities and agricultural programs in India as well as to empower and help women by sponsoring them with their education. And they do offer a kids collection! Though it is a very small one, so I hope to see the kids line expand in the future. 

Disclaimer: Though this post is in collaboration with Satva Living, as always, all opinions are my own and only recommend products that I personally use.

Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Fiona Maclean


    What a great concept. The clothes look really pretty too, I wonder if they ship to the UK

  • Megan Indoe


    I love this line of clothing! It's the perfect travel apparel because it's comfortable, stylish, and you can be active in it! I imagine those tops while trekking and just as a regular outfit! I will have to check it out, thanks!

  • Tamara Elliott


    Sounds like the perfect clothing line for travellers- I like that wrap as well, how versatile it is and would be great for photos as well!

  • Siddhartha Joshi


    It's certainly a nice concepts and looking at your pictures, I can certainly say that they have some great products too! Maybe I need to buy my girl friend's birthday gift in advance now :)

  • Jazzy


    I respect companies that give back to the community. So thumbs up for that.

  • Indrani


    Great choice of clothes for the locations. I particularly liked the divine kimono which you wore as a wrap. The pic has come out too good.

  • Christina


    Looks like a smart and comfortable range of clothing for travelling. I like the purple top with the crisscross back. Looks very smart.

  • melody pittman


    Satva is a beautiful clothing line. Love that they are so environmentally friendly and the designs are nice and attractive. They look great on you!

  • Bilyana


    They have some really nice models. I totally love the back of the top and your favorite kimono is awesome as well.

  • Annie


    This clothes look so comfy and cute! But it's even better that they are made well and consciously, I really appreciate that.

  • Cat


    Love the design of the clothes by Satva Living! The pieces look so comfortable and at the same time fashionable. I will need to check it out!

  • Jean


    What a great concept. The wrap looks like the perfect travel accessory.

  • Jen Joslin


    I want one of those Divine Kimonos as a beach/pool coverup! It's so great that a portion of sales are invested back into local communities and agricultural programs in India. That definitely makes me want to purchase Satva clothing rather than shop in a chain retail store.

  • Elaine J Masters


    Lovely to hear about this fine company. The designs are practical but so creative. I love the insets and of course, the kimono. Looks like they'd be perfect for travel too.

  • Megan Jerrard


    What an incredible brand - for both their ethical and community focuses business model and their beautiful designs. Love the Divine Kimono - can see myself using that quite frequently on our travels. I've really started to spend time searching out companies that share the same eco friendly values as us, and won't buy products anymore otherwise. So I love that companies like Satva Living are starting to really shine. Thanks for the introduction :)

  • Kary Escalante


    That's amazing, it looks so comfortable :) XX K.E

  • Nathan


    I like the concept behind this company. Their mission seems to a really great one and it's awesome that the products still look so great also.

  • fernanda


    It is just great when there is a concept behind. Even more when it is sustainable. Really good to hear about this clothes, it will be great to travel with them!

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