What is Vegan Leather? + My Favorite Brands

You might be confused by the term vegan leather as “vegan” and “leather” are not words that typically go together. Though vegan leather is trending now due to the rise in the vegan movement, vegan leather has been around for ages- before it was simply known as faux leather.  So what is it anyway? Vegan leather is a synthetic leather imitation made from a variety of different materials such as cork, rubber, PVC (polyvinyl-chloride), PU (polyurethane) and even pineapple fibers! As traditional leather is made of animal skin, vegan leather provides an equally as fashionable and trendy alternative to traditional leather!

1.  Alexandra K

Handmade in a small workshop, Alexandra K offers luxurious handbags focused on quality and using the best quality fabrics and hardwares. They aim to convince customers that vegan fashion can be just as good and even better than traditional leather, by using it to create gorgeous products worthy of high fashion standards. What started as a fashion project for the founder, Alexandra, is now a successful business that intends to change the fashion industry.

Pictured above is the “0.8 Blackberry “

2.  Matt & Nat

Deeply inspired by nature and living by a simple motto “Live beautifully”, the Canadian brand Matt & Nat -which stands for Mat(t)erial & Nature- offers an extensive collection of products. Varying from handbags to laptop cases to its newly added collection of shoes, Matt & Nat offers modern, minimalistic, and contemporary designs for both men and women. Each season they experiment with different recycled materials and to remain as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, they have committed to only use linings that are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Pictured above is the “Sheenan” in black from the Dwell Collection.

3. Angela Roi

Exquisitely designed and attentively crafted by artisans in Korea, Angela Roi aims to provide bags that offer a luxury feel with designer quality. With elegant, classy and timeless designs, each bag begins with a hand sketch by Angela and is later recreated by artisans. To give it an even more luxurious touch, the gold hardware is actually gold plated. Their bag collection includes totes, cross-bodies, backpacks and even wallets that are all ethically produced using carefully crafted durable fabric that is of course, cruelty-free.

Pictured above is the “Morning Cross Body in Ivory”

4. Votch

With the goal to create products that inflict no harm to animals and as little to the environment as possible yet still offer trendy, cool, and fashionable watches, Votch was born.  Besides wanting to be cruelty- free, Votch meticulously chooses materials that follow its strict guidelines of having no flame retardants, are PVC-free, no heavy metals, include recycled and renewable content as well as produce low VOC emissions. Offering two collections of watches, “Classic” and “New”, all the items have a similar simplistic, modern, trendy and timeless look. 

Pictured above is the “ Silver Face with Light Blue Strap”

5. Wills Vegan Shoes

With the goal to create choices and give options for people to promote change in their daily lives,  Wills Vegan Shoes was born. With an extensive collection of shoes for both men and women, each and every shoe is carefully and beautifully crafted in a way that it doesn’t hurt animals and in an ethical manner. Whether you are looking for men’s boots or women heals, Wills offers a variety of different options for everyone.

Pictured above is the “ New York Trainers in Black” for men.

Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Karla


    These are really nice items and more so they promote change in daily lives. That is a good thing.

    1. Claudia


      I agree! You can look fashionable and trendy and at the same time promote change in the world :)

  • Dorene


    I had no idea this was called Vegan Leather- love the name. Nice selection of bags you chose, interesting post.

  • sherianne


    Interesting. I like calling it vegan better than faux

    1. Claudia


      I agree! Faux doesnt do the justice because you feel like you are getting the fake or cheap version then the real thing, when in fact vegan leather can be just as good.

  • Amelie Gagne


    Yasss! I've been a fan of Matt & Nat for a few years, but it's so good to see more vegan leather fashion brands out there! Lovely article!

    1. Claudia


      Oh so great to hear that you love Matt & Nat! I discovered this brand 2 years ago and switched all my ipad covers and purses to Matt & Nat vegan leather products. Hope you found other options that you liked too :)

  • Julie Cohn


    Those handbags are beautiful -- I had no idea "faux" leather could be so pretty!

  • Mei and Kerstin


    The little white bag from Angela Roi looks pretty nice. I would consider buying this one for traveling.

    1. Claudia


      That crossbody bag is perfect for traveling because its soooo light and everytime I wear it, I am surprised to see all that fits!

  • Peter Korchnak


    Good looking products. And what a feat to rebrand "faux" into "vegan", I thought the latter only applied to food...

    1. Claudia


      Yes! Veganism is more of a lifestyle rather than just a diet, meaning that vegans try not to consume or purchase any products that come from an animal. For example, leather, suede, silk, honey, and even down (among others). It can be a little overwhelming at first, but its not about perfection is about trying your best :)

  • Tanj


    Love all the bags!

  • Eileen


    PVC and PU are horrible for the environment. Stop to use and to product them. The name vegan leather is ridiculous and a marketing strategy to sale more products. Eileen from Belgium

  • Itineramagica


    I really love those items ! Vegan leather is the future !

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