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Are You Summer Ready?: Summer Must Haves

Summer is officially just a couple of weeks away! With plenty regretting all the extra treats they had during the holiday season (myself included), it might be a little too late to get a summer body but its not too late to embrace summer in style. These are a few of my favorite summer must haves from the hottest trends of the season. 

1. Amira Satin Pink by La Reveche

Handmade in Sardinia with the finest Italian fabrics and chiffon flowers, each and every one of their items is elegant, feminine and unique. Every collection offers a limited number of various models to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity. Its signature collection with chiffon flowers offered in one pieces and bikinis in a variety of different color combinations such as all white, white with pink flowers, black with pink flowers, and an all satin pink with pink flowers like the one that I am wearing. I am even considering to wear this piece as body suit with a denim skirt.

2.  The Hanne Dress by Fame And Partners

Fresh and feminine, the Hanne Dress is perfect for the romantic and free spirited in every women. Far from being a basic off the shoulder dress, this dress combines billowing sleeves, cold-shoulder fit and tie detailing at the shoulders, neckline and back to create an ultra feminine and chic dress perfect for a brunch, baby shower, or a summer vacay. Fame and Partners customizable features allows them to be your personal atelier by choosing color, fit, length and adding or removing details or your choice. Made-to-order to suit your personal style and fit, also means no mass production, no excess waste and reduced impact to the environment.

3. Cactus Clutch by Kayu Design

Made from handwoven straw and embroidered with raffia cacti, this desert-inspired high quality cactus clutch will certainly take your look to the next level. With its feminine, elegant yet fun design, this bag will easily be your accent piece this season. Take it with you from a night out to a day out, dress it down or dress it up; it works perfect either way. Featuring a gold drop-in chain for comfort, it also gives it a dressier look. Kayu Designs offers  high quality clutches and bags that are elegant, classic, timeless yet at the same time stylish, fun and trendy.

4. Cheetah Sundress by Pitusa

Inspired by all the beauty that woman have to offer from all the cultures around the world, Pitusa offers high quality, comfortable and fashionable beachwear ethically made by handpicked cotton. Well recognized by its signature Inca trim and vibrant colors, Pitusa has become one of the prominent bands in social media having “It Girls” such as Tash Oakley and Halley from The Salty Blonde wear their products.

5. Eddy Round Beach Towel by Slippa

Though you might think that the round beach towels are just a design trend and not much else, prepare to be surprised. They have actually been thoughtfully designed this way to be efficient for suntanning. As the sun is constantly moving, instead of having to constantly re-arrange and move around your regular towel, with the round towels you can simply move around your towel hassle- free. Besides their beautiful designs inspired by artworks, what I love about Slippa is that they use sustainable 400 GSM terry loop cotton, what this means is that its thick , absorbent and soft.

6. Crochet Off The Shoulder Top by Socialite

Possibly one of the hottest trends of the season, the off the shoulder look is a must have this summer. This off the shoulder top by Socialite is flirty, comfy, and ultra feminine. The crochet trim adds a beautiful texture that makes this top a classic but far from basic. Available in four different shades, blush, mustard, black and white, you’ll one to have one in every color.

7. Essentials by Generation Klean

Formulated with integrity and care using unique formulations omitting toxic chemicals, parabens, GMOs, sulfates and much more, Generation Klean offers high performance products without unnecessary ingredients. Loved by dermatologists, skin care professionals and even many Hollywood celebrities, Generation Klean offers high efficiency products for both men and women ranging from face and body Kleansers rich in plant extracts, to 3-1 dry shampoo (offered in a variety of different shades) and  high shine lip lacquers that makes your lips look fuller naturally.

8.  Awe Cordy One Piece by Malai Swimwear

Made in Medellin, Colombia , Malai Swimwear offers a trendy and fresh brand of swimwear for all the women who are confident and forever young at heart. Their collection of swimwear includes a variety of designs and colors offering anything from basics to bold patterns. Their signature style is the addition of “strappy” designs that you can even find in the basic pieces which makes them elegant  yet far from basic such as the Awe Cordy design. This design comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, coral and burgundy but I chose Coral as the pink shades, light and hot pink, are in style this summer.

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Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Tami


    Thanks for the explanation of why a beach towel might be round! I hadn't thought of that. But probably because I don't spend much time suntanning! You've put together a nice collection of summer-ready items. I love the cactus clutch, too!

  • Peter Korchnak


    My summer must-have item is a pint glass ;-) But I'll let my wife know about these, she might find something she likes.

  • Jas @ My Suitcase Journeys


    Love that La Reveche one piece!! That paired with a denim skirt would be so so cute as well. (Great way to save more luggage space!) Seems like I'll be doing some online shopping today XDD

  • Wanderlust Wayfarer


    What a great collection of summer must haves. I'm dying to get my hands on the cactus clutch and the floral swimsuit. I love that Pitusa is inspired by cultures around the world--such a pretty dress. I will definitely be checking out that brand.



    Oh I just love all the items for summer! My absolute fave is that teal sundress - it is just gorgeous and looks so airy and cool and yet stylish! Super beautiful I need to get one of those!

  • Anneklien Meanne


    I love the round towel ive seen it once but dont know where to buy it. Its very stylish

  • Reshma


    Lovely outfits for the summer indeed! I loved the swim wears especially, colorful and looks cool too!

  • Chris


    Hmm... if this list is anything to go by, I am definitely *not* summer ready. I think my girlfriend might be a bit closer to readiness than I am haha

  • Mellissa Williams


    Love the cheetah dress, really pretty colour. Some fabulous picks here for sure.

  • Rosemary


    Nice selection of beach items. I'm particularly fond of the round towel. The dresses are pretty nice as well. Thanks for sharing this great list!

  • Hazel Tolentino


    I love the sundress!!! Too bad it's already rainy season here in Southeast Asia! But that sundress can be used here at any season. Hahaha.

  • jace


    Beautiful pictures, I would like to visit these places. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.

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