Satva Living: Just Sweat it with Recycled Polyester

Satva Living, an athletic and yoga lifestyle brand that offers high quality and sustainable clothing while staying true to its strict conscious and ethical practices, has introduced a new and improved fabric into its new collection. Though most of Satva’s collection is made from sustainable organic cotton ranging from basics to statement pieces, this new fabric is said to be of high performance specifically for high-sweat actives. Being that Satva is one of my favorite conscious athletic brands (I have previously reviewed the brand in detail. Read complete review here), I had to try and test out this newly launched fabric for myself. The new items made from recycled polyester include leggings, tops and sport bras. At this moment all of the options are not basics or solid colors, instead, they come in different bold patterns and designs, signature of the Satva look.

Equipped with an all Satva look from head to toe wearing the Anya leggings in weave print and triangle bra both made from sustainable recycled polyester and a black Anna crop top, I decided to tag along with my husband to the gym to join him on one of his high-intensity workouts that I usually (and by usually I mean always) find any excuse not to go.

Since the fabric has a more compressive fit, my first impression for both items was that they ran a little tighter than what I am used to. So though I wear a size small all around (tops, bras, and leggings) in the same brand, I would size up on the recycled polyester items if you wish to have a less tight fit, especially in the sports bras. The leggings were tight but not so tight that you don’t feel comfortable doing workouts where you have to jump or move around a lot.

Our workout started with a HIIT style run on the treadmill (interval run) followed by the elliptical, nothing better to get your heart rate going and for you to start sweating. Followed by a weight training in super sets. And though I typically don’t sweat much overall when I do weights I sweat in specific areas and with my sports bra on I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable with those areas at all since they were drying up pretty fast.

After completing our workout, it was evident that there is a significant difference between the usual organic cotton and the recycled polyester fabric when it comes to quicker drying and absorbency. For this reason, I would highly recommend the items made with this fabric for all those who participate in high-sweat, high-intensity sports or training.

To shop and learn about their products please refer to Satva Living website here.

Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Ivianat


    This brand ooks very comfortable! I would like to try it on too.

  • GiGi Eats


    Ohhh!! Those look insanely comfortable - I AM IN! Although I totally do NOT need to go shopping for anything right now!

  • Tali Love


    What a cool business concept. Recycling is hot nowadays. Keep up the great work!

  • Jennifer


    Satva Living sounds like a brand that I need to try. Love that it's made from organic cotton! I also like that the fabric is high-absorbancy. It's so frustrating wearing workout clothes that do not absorb moisture very well.

  • Alicia Taylor


    I just love the pattern on those pants. They seem like they would move with you well - which is very important for working out.

  • Gennifer Rose


    I always feel good about wearing and supporting eco-friendly brands. I love the legging pattern too!

  • Nati


    I don't know what kind of polyester is that, but to me nothing beats the comfort of organic cotton for my sports wear, specially by this hot weather!! Might have to try it myself

  • Nwanosike Ezekwesiri


    Good to know that there are better fabrics out there that wouldn't trap in sweat... Thanks for your insight...

  • Kutaj


    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

  • Marcus


    Wow! Interesting stuff.

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