Natural Calm: Are You Magnesium Deficient?

We all know how important Calcium is, but few know of the importance of Magnesium. In fact, most of us (estimated 80%)  are not getting enough of this essential nutrient even those who take magnesium supplements! According to Natural Vitality, there are three main reasons for this: the amount of magnesium that the body requires is higher than people think; fruits and vegetables have lost mineral content over time due to soil depletion; and some magnesium supplements are not absorbed by the body.  There is a variety of different reasons that can cause Magnesium depletion in the body including but not limited to, some medication, excess calcium, heavy exercise, and mental, emotional and environmental stressors.

So why magnesium is so important?

Though Calcium is mostly credited for the formation of strong bones, magnesium plays a huge role in this process as without it both calcium and vitamin D can not be properly absorbed by the body.  Furthermore, every organ in the body needs magnesium as it activates enzymes, boosts energy, keeps immune system healthy and helps regulate and balance levels of many nutrients in our body. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include: low energy, headaches, weakness, anxiety, poor nail growth, irritability among others. (University of Maryland, Medical Center).

Why Natural Calm?

Due to the importance of this nutrient and to ensure that my family and I are getting enough magnesium, we decided to try one of the best selling magnesium supplements on the market, Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm  Relaxing Magnesium supplement. Sourced from the ocean’s rich mineral content, pure, vegan and ultra high quality, Natural Calm has been specifically designed to be taken in liquid form and have low acidity so the body can absorb it more efficiently and to keep your bodies pH balance unaffected.

Our Experience


My husband and I opted to try the Sweet Lemon flavor and have been using it for the past 10 days. Our Natural Calm even traveled with us during our recent Costa Rica trip. After long days exploring, it was a treat to enjoy an easily prepared Natural Calm drink as it indeed has a calming effect.  Though it is also nice to prepare it with cold water (follow the instructions) and have a refreshing fizzy drink by the pool. We love the Sweet Lemon Flavor and started using 1 teaspoon (half the dose) to begin with and then slowly worked up to 2 teaspoons per serving. It is such a convenient, easy, and tasty way to supplement and have a peace of mind that you are getting enough of this very important nutrient. Now that we have both tried and tested this product, I will be purchasing the Kids Calm supplement for my little one and also try the Natural Calm Bath.

Disclaimer: Though this post is in partnership with Natural Vitality, all opinions are my own and only recommend products that I personally love and use.

Claudia Zeeba Life

  • Tanika


    I need to to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely loved every bit of it. I've got you book marked to look at new things you post…

    1. Claudia


      Thank you so much Tanika! :)

  • Megan Indoe


    I never even considered taking magnesium until now. I actually should educate myself more on supplements my body might not be getting enough of! I honestly don't take vitamins but probably should! I like that this type is dissolvable!

  • Laura


    I take a magnesium supplement daily, but this sounds super interesting! I would love to try this. I will see if they have it in Europe!

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