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Comprehensive Guide: How To Become a Successful Social Media & Travel Influencer

Comprehensive Guide: How To Become a Successful Social Media & Travel Influencer. Understand and Dominate the Industry,  Grow A Target Audience, Leverage and Monetize Your Brand & Conquer Your Mind

My Story and Why You Need This Guide

The truth is one of the main reasons that being a social media & travel influencer is so desirable and one of the “hottest” sensations on social media right now it’s because it allows you the opportunity to experience or temporarily live your “best life” or a millionaire lifestyle without the hefty price tag or actually being able to afford any of it. Yes, I have slept in private islands, flown private jets, taken showers on airplanes, have dined in underwater restaurants and have slept in some of the most iconic villas in the world as part of my work. You see, being a travel influencer comes with an endless amount of perks – one flashier and more tempting then the other, and that’s the “milkshake” that brings all the boys (and pretty much everyone and their dogs) to the yard. The perks are the ones that lure people in but the industry is all about the survival of the fittest which are those who are not only capable and talented, but most importantly willing to grow and become the best version of themselves while adding value to others and their audience.The problem is that as this industry is currently developing as I write this, there still isn’t a great deal of information available for anyone to have an advantage or let alone knowledge to understand the industry that they are getting themselves into unless they take the plunge first and learn the hard way. The good news is that I have done exactly that for you. You see, the past 4 years of my career if you want to call it , as a travel influencer and as a travel blogger have brought me a great deal of knowledge and understanding about the industry that I utilize to my advantage every single day and every single step of the way which greatly attributes to my success in this industry.

In this comprehensive ebook guide on how to become a social media & travel influencer, I not only have outlined specific strategies that I have used and continue using to help me grow my platform, increase my influence and reinforce my brand to this very day, but I have also poured all my knowledge and experience about the industry to help you understand and dominate the industry and in turn have a great advantage to lead you to become a successful influencer and build an online brand and business whether you are into travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc. It is important to note that I have not refrained myself from sharing any valuable knowledge with the purpose of later selling a continuation of this guide. This guide is written with the 100% intention of being the most comprehensive and all inclusive guide that I can possibly offer to the best of my ability. To top it off, once you purchase the guide you will automatically be part of our private Zeebalife Influencer Community on Facebook where we will not only be analyzing these strategies in more detail and their implementation, you will get direct access to me through weekly/monthly forums to touch on anything from editing and photography tips to pitching and branding strategies. 

 This book will teach you how to see and seize opportunities and most importantly how to leverage your brand, influence or talent to create opportunities that were not even there in the first place so you can monetize or utilize it for your own benefit as well as for the client or partnering brand. These are the type of things that will put you ahead of the curve. We will be discussing strategies and realities that no one dares to talk about simply because everyone rather focus on the fancy perks like infinity pools and upgrades to business class rather than show the behind the scenes, what it actually takes to get there and encourage others to do so.

And then there is the simple fact that the industry is flooded with unsuccessful wanna be influencers. Sorry to break it to you but thats the ugly truth and yes at one point I was also one of them. But don’t worry, the fact that you have taken action to purchase this book is proof that you are like me, eager to succeed and ready to take action! So lets get started!

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