A Cuba Travel Diary: Culture, Warmth & History

On December 11th of 2017, we set sail on a journey to Cuba, not knowing what to expect. Our journey took off from Port of Miami via Norwegian Cruise line with three other graduate participants from the Real Estate Development Program and several other graduated and undergraduates in different majors from Nova Southeastern University. After sailing for 12 hours, we set foot on Habana, Cuba. We quickly gathered our basic needs to head down to the famous Cubano Taxi’s so we can tour this beautiful gem.

The first stop of our tour was the Cathedral. Here we learned more about the activities that the church is involved with and how it plans to help individuals with entrepreneurship challenges. Our team allocated several bag packs full of the necessary first aid kits such as Nyquil, Advil, flu reliefs, and etc. which we gave to the nuns upon arrival.

The first thing that grabbed our attention was the beautiful classic American “coches” used as every day taxies. As tourists, we argued about which car and what color should our ride be. With the help our tour guide, Amado, we circled the city to get a better picture of the everyday life in Cuba. From the Revolutionary monument to the bamboo factory, the city was crowded with people vibing to live music on every corner. Hard times has not slowed down the people of Cuba but made them stronger than ever.

 When it comes to groceries, this is how its done in Cuba. Simple and fresh.

Randomly, we spotted a Bernie supporter ✊🏻

One of the biggest regrets we had was the limited time in Cuba. Nevertheless, we managed to hit most of the popular tourist destinations from the cigar factory to “Cristo de La Habana”. I was very fascinated with the culture and the warmth of the people despite the difficult conditions placed upon them. It was my first visit to Habana and it will definitely not be my last. I had the pleasure of meeting great individuals and will be keeping in touch with them continuously. I want to thank Dr. Forgey and Dr. Tworoger and every faculty member that made this trip possible. 🙏🏼


Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by Payman M.  for Zeebalife.com 

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