12 Things to do at Home During Self Quarantine or Social Distancing

12 Things to do at home during Self Quarantine or Social Distancing

 As millions of people around the world are quarantined, self isolating or practicing social distancing and while other hundreds of thousands are battling the virus itself causing health care systems to collapse and economies taking severe hits, some even in the verge of bankruptcy, Corona Virus or Covid-19 has taken thousands of lives and is responsible for severe lock downs in many countries meaning that schools, universities, movie theaters, gyms, parks, and many restaurants and shops are now closed, even some offices are closing, sending many employees to work from home, sometimes with unpaid leave. In an effort to minimize and contain this highly infectious virus, governments around the world have implemented the lock downs to minimize all public gatherings, we have been advised to stay home as much as we can, practice social distancing, and if we experience mild symptoms or think we have been exposed to someone with the virus, we are told to self isolate or quarantine – which put into simpler words means to stay home for 2 weeks.

With all the craziness and bad news constantly thrown at us, it is easy to get sucked in to a negative spiral and be completely unproductive. I know it’s tempting to just crawl on the coach, binge on Netflix and eat buckets of ice cream and consider walks to the fridge as work outs. Though you could sneak in a day or two of Netflix and chill, you can also change your mentality and maximize this opportunity for your benefit. Take it as a little extra bonus time to re-organize, declutter, and work on your own personal self growth and goals, so when all the madness settles, you are not only ready to dive right in, but you have actually taken a step forward.

I have put together a list of ten things you can do at home during self quarantine or simply practicing social distancing as much as we can. Before , I would like to address the following as I feel like it’s important: With so many drastic measures happening , we are being constantly exposed to more and more information about this virus as it continues to develop. The trouble is , much of it is misinformation as everyone has all of a sudden become a medical professional. Please CHECK and VERIFY your sources, NO drinking bleach and eating raw garlic doesn’t kill the virus and NO ordering Chinese food or receiving packages from China doesn’t give you the virus either.

Schedule a DAILY WORKOUT – Yes, I am listing this one first and foremost because staying at home means our lifestyles have become completely sedentary, so getting your bum of the coach has never been more important. We need to put the extra effort to make sure we keep our body active not only for our physical health but for our mental health. as well. Whether it is through YouTube , an app or a workout program, there are MANY home workouts you can follow. I will definitely be following two of my favorite trainers programs – Linn Lowes work out from home plan on the Fitplan App and T25 workout videos by the one and only Shaun T.

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Spring Cleaning & Decluttering your house – After all you are stuck at home and it’s already spring, so there really is no better time to get deep into those kitchen cabinets and clean out our closets. Empty those cupboads and get organizing – through away all the expired products, separate what you will no longer eat and gift it to someone and organize the rest. Hit the pantry, kitchen cabinets, and yes even your office desk cabinets.

Take an Online Course – Enrolling for an online course online is a great way to keep your mind sharp and expanding your knowledge as well as keeping structure in your daily routine. There is an endless supply of online courses nowadays ranging from $5 to $4,000+ from Udemy, Masterclass, Teachable, Coursera, even IVY League schools! You can enroll to learn anything from how to grow house plants to nutrition and finance courses. I just enrolled in a Nutrition course on Udemy (for less than $10) just out of curiosity to see what concepts still being taught. 

Declutter your Digital life – Decluttering for our generation no longer refers to just our kitchens and closets but also to our digital life such as computers, phones and even hard drive.. Use this time to clear out your inbox, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters, organize your photos and files, delete old contacts from your phone and please, I am begging you, import those thousands of thousands of photos that you have on your phone to your computer and open up some space and finally back up our data. You can even organize your bookmarks.

Polish your Resume – We all know how important it is to keep our resumes updated in case any opportunity arises, but with so many things going on in our daily lives constantly, let’s be honest, our resumes get lost somewhere in our laptops. Speaking for myself, every time I need my resume, I need to dig deep in my data to find it and when I do, it’s super outdated. Use this time to update it and polish it if you need it while everything is fresh in your mind. And if you are a content creator, your resume would be your Media Kit , polish it up!

Revamp your site – whether you run your own business, are a blogger or just have your own website as your own creative space, this is a great time to revamp it and do all the changes you’ve always wanted to do. I’m in the same boat as you, I have so many great ideas for my site but never had enough time or it would take too much effort, so now its a great time to pull the plug. You can also hire someone like a website developer to get things moving, and you will also be helping someone else have an income during this time.

Take up a second language – Could be a great time to practice the Spanish of French you learnt in high school haha. There are endless of language resources online both paid and free, you can even higher an online tutor to give you virtual lessons via Skype! Once again you will also be helping someone have an income.

Have a shopping spree in your own closet – or better known as the anti- haul. Go on a shopping spree in your own cabinets, try on all your clothes, separate items you wish to sell, give away and donate. And while you are at it, play dress up and coordinate some outfits and snatch some quick pics. That way, next time you have to leave the hose, you can quickly browse through your phone and decide what to wear.

Learn a new skill & get creative– We all have that one thing we wish we knew or should know how to do, so now that time is not an issue, you can put in the hours to learn. Remember, YouTube is your best friend! You could even learn how to change a tire following YouTube tutorials! There is truly so much to learn. It can be something as simple as learning how to make almond milk, how to play chess, or even learning more about photography and editing – To make your photos look more professional and more polished with just one click or minimal adjustments, check out my editing filters / presets here. It’s a great way to get started in photo editing as well as you get to see all the adjustments that I make so you can understand and get a behind the scenes of my editing process. See below for before and afters using my presets. 


Explore new career opportunities– If you’ve been dreading your current work and or just dreaming about changing careers, this is the perfect time to come up with a realistic action plan, research what it takes and what you need to do to get there, evaluate your options and feasibility, set up a timeline and also see if you need to learn any additional skills that you might need to make the switch. With all your research and your action plan, you can lay it all out and make an informed and conscious decision of what is best for you and how to move forward. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you have to drop everything and make the switch immeditely , you can do that of course if you are ready, but realistically you will need to prepare and plan, it’s all about developing your action plan and determining if this is the best decision for you or not at this moment.

Set goals – It is very likely that most New Years Resolution’s have already been left behind, but who says you can only set goals and resolutions at the end of the year? If anything, setting goals at this time can be a lot more effective, as you will not have the New Years pressure or hype, and you will have the quiet time and space to truly determine and prioritize your goals for the reminder of the year.

Start Meditating -The list of benefits of mediation is endless but who has time when you have to rush out the door to work every morning or you can barely reply to all your emails before sleeping, so now that things are a little more quiet, it is safe to say that we can sneak in some daily meditation at some point during the day. I’ve never tried it home to be honest, only “by force” in the occasional yoga class, and I’ve always been skeptical of being able to meditate at home but I guess there is no better time to try than now. Apparently even 2 minutes at a time can help!

Even More –  There are many more ideas like setting a reading list for your self, playing lot of board games with the fam, trying out new cooking recipes, setting a to do list, but the most important thing to remember is to establish a routine for yourself so you don’t end up right back in the coach with your bucket of ice cream binging on Netflix haha.

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