Alexandra K : Handmade, High-End & Classic Vegan Leather Bags

Handmade in a small workshop, Alexandra K offers luxurious vegan leather handbags focused on quality and using the best quality fabrics and hardware. Yet at the same time providing elegant, classic, and timeless design tailored for those looking for a high-end bag that is vegan-friendly. As simple as that may sound, that is a combination that is very hard to find and even harder is to find a brand that specializes in just that. They aim to convince customers that vegan fashion can be just as good and even better than traditional leather, by using it to create gorgeous products worthy of high fashion standards. What started as a fashion project for the founder, Alexandra, is now a successful business that intends to change the fashion industry.

As you may already know, I am a great fan of Alexandra K vegan leather bags and are one of my favorite vegan handbag brands as I previously mentioned here. And If you are not familiar with vegan leather and might be wondering what it is or it might even be the first time you hear about it. Check my previous detailed post to find out more about it.

Moving away from factories and in order to provide the superior craftsmanship, each and all of Alexandra K vegan leather bags are sketched by her and handmade. I have a collection of four of her bags, different colors, styles and sizes and I have to say I not only always get compliments about my bag, I feel so good wearing them knowing that they are cruelty-free!

As most of her bags are simple, elegant and classic designs, you can wear most of them during the day and at night. Here I wore one of my favorite black dresses at the moment and you can see that though the 3 bags pictured in this post are different styles and colors, they all look great with the same outfit and add a touch of elegance. The black one is the most elegant of the ones I own and perfect for a night out. This one is called 1.2 Blackberry Shoulder Bag. In some of the bags you can choose if you want the hardware accents in either gold or silver, but since I typically wear more golden accents, I chose gold hardware for all of my bags.

The Beige crossbody with a golden chain is called 0.8 Almond Gold and is one of my favorites to dress up an everyday outfit or even for a night out as well.

Similar to that one, the 1.3 Mini Almond Crossbody which has the option to remove the strap.

Alexandra K carries a great variety of colors as well from Candy pink to Light blue allowing you to grow your collection! I certainly plan on extending mine :)

Disclaimer: Though this post is in partnership with Alexandra K, as always, all opinions are my own.

Claudia Zeeba Life

  • akshay


    It's a really nice bag

    1. Claudia


      Thank you!

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