Hi, I am Claudia !


I’m a wife, mommy and a profound lover of great company, travel and adventure, delicious vegan food and laughter. I wish to share my journey and my passions with you in hopes to inspire you to travel, explore the world, and embrace all the beauty that the world has to offer us, yet at the same time become a more conscious citizen of this planet. The simple, and what we think of as insignificant, decisions that we make everyday such as what we eat can shape the future of our generation, the future of our planet! Lets support each other, after all, we are ALL one regardless of our nationality and the color of our skin, and we are all in this beautiful planet together.


By no means I claim to be perfect or live a perfect life, after all, this is a journey, a learning experience; lets do it together!


Come and join me and my family in our travel adventures from exotic destinations to little known places around the world.